* Example *




{ // The number you passed us "source": "+45 66 22 22 12", "error": false, // A nice clean format for your database (only: 0-9 and +) "clean": "+4566222212", // Twilio rate data "twilio": { "rate": "0.033", "prefix": "45" }, // Country information (when available) "country": { "name": "Denmark", "code": "DK", "flag": "http:\/\/numberlaundry-icons.s3.amazonaws.com\/dk.png" } }

* Example Invalid *




{ "source": "5", "error": true, "message": "Not A Valid Number" }

* Multiple Numbers *

If you have multiple numbers you want to clean, please pass them to the bulk endpoint.


POST http://numberlaundry.whatcheer.com/launder/bulk number[]=%2B45%2066%2022%2022%2012&number[]=5


[ { "source": "+45 66 22 22 12", "error": false, "clean": "+4566222212", "twilio": { "rate": "0.033", "prefix": "45" }, "country": { "name": "Denmark", "code": "DK", "flag": "http:\/\/numberlaundry-icons.s3.amazonaws.com\/dk.png" } }, { "source": "5", "error": true, "message": "Not A Valid Number" } ]

* Additional Info *

Why did you make this?

We needed clean phone numbers and Twilio international rates lookups for a project of ours called Bumble. We built something quickly and realized it was pretty handy. So, we decided it would be nice to provide this service to anyone else who needed it.

Who can use it?

This API is available for free of charge to anyone who wants to use it for individual and/or reasonable use. We log requests, and if we notice someone really going nuts, we may end up doing some rate limiting. If you want to use this on a large project and don't mind donating a few dollars to cover our costs, send us an email at laundromat@whatcheer.com.

Where can I find help?

JSON can be requested and parsed in a number of different languages, so try googling the name of your favorite language along with "JSON tutorial".

Who are you?

We're What Cheer, a web design and development studio located in Omaha, Nebraska. We make fancy websites.

Can I run this on my server?

Sure thing! We put the source up on github, feel free to download and use it. If you add features or fix bugs, please let us know!